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Nobody Cares


Veterans Day.

Nobody Cares is based off of doing shows, and steady doing music whether it’s videos or even just recording you tell the world but nobody seems to care. The more you push it’s still no love. So the purpose is make the world care once it come out so that nobody will be somebody. I’ve worked so much on my craft this past year even with becoming a father. It’s been asked when I will work on another project or do anything else beside post about it or posting songs people have heard.. Now I’ve been back in the studio working on not only a mixtape but my album “Coming of Age” which is produced by JBryant (of Day Dreamers Music Group). “Nobody Cares” will be produced by various artist including Taylor $upreme, Kenny Ma$e (of Day Dreamers Music Group), JBryant (of Day Dreamers Music Group), and more.. The first single will be released in September 2014. Features from Big Jaton, Bakari, Charlton, Cruz, JBryant, Karla, Kapo, & Ralph P).